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Dakini Deception

My gorgeous Dakini sister, Willow Devi, is coming to Toronto May 24 to June 7!
Very exciting to have her return again!!!

Photos of Willow can be seen in the ABOUT ME -> GALLERY section here on the website.
See the beautiful tall blonde.

Willow is a woman of inner & outer beauty and radiates pure femininity, sensuality and love.
A shining star.
She is one in a million – truly.

I only associate myself in my private practice with Goddesses that share the same values and path as I do.
I cannot recommend her highly enough and trust her completely.
Sadly, I can’t say this for other so-called Dakinis I have worked with in the past here in Toronto.

My advice is always CALL & SPEAK with a Dakini and don’t stop there – call other Dakinis to converse as well.
Experience has shown me that you must connect on more than one level with a Dakini in order to engage in this intimate, transformational work in your session.
If you are unhappy about the rapport / energy you exchange in a phone conversation, you will likely be unhappy in the session.
Makes sense, right?

In addition, advertising and photos are often misleading. Many alter their photos drastically – so they are practically unrecognizable in person.
It happens all the time.
I have seen it first hand with others.
This speaks to honesty and integrity.
If you arrive at a booking and feel cheated that there is misrepresentation, don’t feel shy and turn on your heel to walk out the door!
Dakini deception is rampant.
In this age of technology, web boards and forums offer a resource to communicate with others your experiences.
This is about you on your journey – demand the best and nothing less.

As I have always maintained, it is a honour to do this personal body work.
It is my guarantee and reputation that Willow and I both present photos and information that is true.
My practice is exclusive and I am blessed with 90% regular seekers.I continue to grow my practice in leaps and bounds based on providing exceptional sessions and workshops based on truth and tenderness.
This is the finest Tantra/Dark Tantra/Tao Temple, Teaching and Touch in Canada for a reason.

Willow & I look forward to engaging you in either Solo or Double Goddess sessions during her upcoming trip here to Toronto.
Yes, you will be able to speak to either of us on the phone.
Yes, we can fulfill your desires.
YES, we are the real deal.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us…operators are standing by…lol.

Thanks for reading, seeker. Enjoy your day.

Love & Light,
Eva Maya Devi

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