Tantra Tao Kama Sutra

Tantra, Tao, Kama Sutra  -  Introduction

These sessions offer ancient wisdom uniquely coupled with concentrated body energy work for deep physical, emotional and conscious connection.

Tantra and Tao focus on the wonder and wisdom within each of us and engage elevated, exquisite energy of the Universe. The definitions below are distilled and center on the sexual in this context.

TANTRA is first noted in historical Indian text (Vedas) dating back to roughly 1500 BC. It is both a philosophical and spiritual path of “expansion” and “weaving” of mortal and Divine existence involving Shakti (feminine, energy) & Shiva (masculine, consciousness).

TAO (pronounced with a d) is translated from Chinese as ‘The Way.”  It is both a philosophical and spiritual path dated to 4th Century BC on the natural flow or natural order of life involving Yin (female) & Yang (male); duality forming the whole.

KAMA SUTRA is an Indian text written primarily in prose by Vātsyāyana between 400 BC – 200 BC. In the archaic language of Sanskrit, Kama means “desire” or “sensual pleasure” and  Sutra means “thread or line holding together.” This famous book is a manual with selected chapters of it outlining sexual relations and sexual positions.

New elements are incorporated in each session so it is never the same experience twice.

The teaching portion consists of the study of meditation and exercises. The Tantra touch portion is full energetic body work that is sensual, flowing, and intimate; I effortlessly float across you from top to toe. My work is to raise your sexual energy (Kundalini), and conversely lower your sexual energy, shifting between the two for an altered physical, mental and spiritual state. I have designed my sessions for maximum play, safe exploration and prolonged pleasure. You will leave feeling totally relaxed, rejuvenated and blissful. Prepare for a Divine experience at the hands of a true Goddess. My work is spiritually based and concentrates on organic play.


Ladies, Gentlemen, Couples Sessions

Donations are listed for In Calls; House Calls are an additional $50.00 downtown Toronto, $100.00 airport and $100.00 + outside Toronto – request a quote:

1. Tantra Fusion  / 90 Minutes / $375.00 donation
This session is designed to your level of exploration being either a curious, novice or seasoned seeker. You begin with a hot shower to refresh the body and mind. Joining me in my special space, I then teach you ancient Tantra/Tao concepts and exercises as we continue to strengthen our energetic connection. Here we co-create our experience; both of us giving & receiving energetic pleasure with the other while exploring. Each session is different with new elements introduced to you. The focus is on play.

2. Bathing Ceremony  / 2 Hours / $500.00 donation
In one word: Heavenly. This is a lavish experience designed for all seekers. You begin with a disrobing and then recline in a warm, drawn bath filled with premium organic select fragrant oils. By soft candlelight, I join you and cast an intoxicating spell of seduction. Organic fruit is shared as we feed one another and engage in enticing games between us. I include some wonderful surprises to further delight you at each turn. You’ll love my special attention to detail. Moving to my special space, I follow with Tantra Touch to awaken all your physical senses for full ecstasy. Hands down, this is my favourite session. The focus is on luxury.

3. Golden Goddess Worship / 90 Minutes $800.00 donation
This is for the God that wishes to please the Goddess. The ultimate session. You are unselfish and relish in the satisfaction of my needs and desires, totally dismissing your own wants. I direct you, step-by-step, in my delicate care from my ceremonial disrobing, to oiling, to engaging my body. I then perform a beautiful ‘Dakini Dance’ for you to raise the positive vibration. You then perform a sensual massage with yoni voyage on me to explore my sacred spot. I am completely in your hands and gentle keeping. The focus is on service.

4. Double Goddess Session / 90 Minutes / $800.00 donation
Prepared for pure pampering? If you wish to embark on a journey that consists of two distinct feminine energies, you have found your special session. You are adorned with attention and four hands delivering Tantra Touch by two beauties start to finish. These sessions are limited. See the monthly email or call for dates.

5. Prostate Massage / 90 Minutes / $400.00 donation
Prostate – the “P” spot – differs from genitals and therefore the distinction is made for this male sacred spot. I offer both hand and/or toy stimulation  – your choice. The focus is on experimentation.

6. Skype or Telephone / 15 or 30 Minutes / TBD
This is a wonderful session thanks to technology. Excellent option for those unable to be with me at my sanctuary, your request is easily accommodated across time zones or international borders. Designed for all seekers. Are you looking for fantasy, coaching, healing, therapy, instruction, companionship or connection online? Contact me and I will recommend which session would work best for you. The focus is on access.

7. Erotic Yoga / 60 Minutes / $100.00 Individual donation $150.00 Couple donation
Au natural Hatha (“gentle”) yoga in my private sanctuary with music, aromatherapy and professional instruction. Novice to seasoned yoga students will love this personal & natural session. Mats are provided or feel free to bring your own. I also provide cushions, straps,  and blocks  to cater the session to your skill level to improve your personal practice. Can be combined with a Tantra session for a 90 minute or 2 hour appointment, I am happy to design a custom session.  TBA donation.

8. Couples Sessions / 90 Minutes/ donation listed below
Are you looking to experience your session with another? Perhaps you desire a couples sensual massage, teaching tips, or private belly dance.
Couples seek three types of session with me:
1) Counseling (including healing – see counseling and healing section for donation)
2) Tips and Touch (learning loving) / 90 Minutes/ donation at $600.00
3) Pure Pleasure (exploring ecstasy) / 90 Minutes/ donation at $800.00



In order for me to accept and book an extended session with you, I must:
Have you as an existing seeker OR
Have a 15 minute video Skype session consultation ($25.00 donation) with you to see if I am able to accommodate your extended session AND
Have your non-refundable donation in full, 24 hours in advance of session start time

1. Evening Rendezvous / 4 Hours / $1,000.00 Tantra donation/In Call & House Call
With an eye on adventure, this session includes straddling both inside and outside of my sanctuary – public and private. This is best suited for the seasoned seeker. Typically you will arrive and we set off together for dinner, verbally and physically engaging one another as we whet our appetites for two hours. We then return to the comfort and privacy of my sanctuary where we indulge in dessert – our sensual, sweet selves. The focus is on verbal and non-verbal cues: communication.

2. Overnight Immersion / 12 Hours 6:00 pm-6:00 am/ $3,000.00 Tantra donation/House Call Only
Desirous of a full evening of Dakini delight? Best suited for the seasoned seeker. This session really does put one to the test in terms of co-creation. Prior to booking, I discuss an assortment of goodies that range from games to costumes to props, and then cherry pick from the list. We let the evening take on an organic flow with surprise after surprise. No time for sleeping…take plenty of vitamin B12 beforehand for energy/endurance. I will provide healthy organic snacks to power up through this extended 12-hour, non-stop marathon session. The focus is on exploration.

3. Weekend Retreat / 48 Hours Fri 6:00 pm- Sun 6:00 pm/ $5,000.00 Tantra donation/House Call Only
The premiere blissful experience! Best suited for the seasoned seeker. This is typically a weekend away out of town to a spa or a major city for a lovely excursion. I include 4 x 2 hour structured Tantra sessions, 2 Bathing Ceremonies and 1 Dakini Dance sprinkled over the weekend along with partner erotic yoga and meditation each morning. My teaching & magic will penetrate your soul and linger long after we part. The focus is on restoration.



“Wisdom begins in wonder.”